Should the child be told he's adopted?

Should the child be told he's adopted?

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One of the problems faced by a family that adopts a child as adoptive is to tell the child whether or not to adopt. Psychiatrist specialist Assoc. Dr. Bengi Semerci says that the family should tell the child before they reach the elementary school. The child should have at least one ear fullness on this subject, Assoc. Dr. Semerci makes a suggestion to parents:

“For example, parents sometimes tell their children about their infancy. Pregnancy, going to labor, first encounter after birth. Adopted parents can describe these memories in a slightly different way. Different memories can be told, such as when we accept you as our child or when we decide to be your parents. When the child comes to primary school, he can understand how a baby is and how he came into the world. Then it can be explained that some parents may not have children, and some mothers may not carry their babies in their bellies. We wanted to have children, but we could not, but we chose you from a lot of babies and decided to be your parents. The child has the right not to know. ”

The trust bond between the parents and the child is very important. When the child learns this in some way, the feeling of trust is shaken. In some families, when they adopt a baby, Semerci said that they put on maternity clothes and made videos with screenplays as if they were giving birth. This is extremely inconvenient. If the child learns this situation, especially during adolescence, this is the period in which the child is confident in the world and establishes an identity. Then the kid's really without family. First, the family who left him, and the real trunk family that had lied to him for years. The child cannot choose between the two. The child must be told that he is adopted.. (Obtained from the program called Depths, published on brt.)

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